Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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Is a rainy day raining on your kids’ parade? Kids love playing outside, which gives you time to relax and unwind. However, when a rainy day rolls around, the fun has to be brought inside. However, you don’t need to worry! We’ve had our fair share of rainy days and have come up with plenty of indoor activities you can do with your kids that are fun, easy, and keep them busy! You may find yourself wishing for rainy days more often!

Baking with Kids | Bob's Red Mill

Rainy Day Baking

There’s something about baking on a gloomy day that gives me the warm and fuzzies. I love baking with my kids on a rainy day because it not only gives them something to do but also rewards them for helping! One thing I love to bake with my kids is cookies. They don’t take a ton of time to make and are bite-sized, making them great snacks!

Rhyme and Riddles for indoor treasure hunts | EscapeTrails

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

An indoor scavenger hunt on a rainy day is a great way to challenge your kids’ brains and get them up for the day. Print out a list for them and have them find things on the list throughout the house. Keep it simple by using items around your house your kids can easily locate. For instance, have your kids find something to write with, something green, or something that makes a noise. Scavenger hunts make them use their observational and problem-solving skills to locate the items! Keep your kids busy with scavenger hunts, or join in on the fun for some much-needed family time!

The Benefits of Family Movie Night | Cathey's Audio Visual Entertainment -  CAVE

Watch Movies on a Rainy Day

Curling up with your kids and watching a movie on a rainy day helps you bond with them while they’re stuck inside. Watching movies also helps your kids to wind down for the day and possibly take a nap (if you’re lucky)! Let your kids pick out a movie to watch, and they’ll forget all about playing outside!

The 9 Best Kids Activity Books to Keep Kids Busy

Give Your Kids an Activity Book

Activities books keep your kids busy by engaging them in activities like coloring, drawing, practicing matching, practicing counting, and learning new words. Plus, activity books give them some quiet time to work on the book while you get stuff done. Here are some amazing workbooks your kids will love!

Why Sensory Play is Important (& Sensory Bin Play Ideas for Kids)

Play a Sensory Game

Sensory games are a great way to make the most out of a gloomy day. For example, your kids can play with play dough, sensory bins, bubbles, and dish soap foam. Sensory games improve their fine motor skills and tactile learning abilities. Plus, their minds are engaged and focused, which helps them to calm down!

50+ Quick & Easy Kids Crafts that ANYONE Can Make! - Happiness is Homemade

Make a Craft on a Rainy Day

Making crafts is a super fun activity for a rainy day. Your kids can make slime, knit with their fingers, paint rocks, do straw weaving, and more! You can even join in with your kids and help them make the crafts. Making crafts gives you guys some bonding time while keeping your kids’ brains active!

The Best Educational Board Games for Kids and Families - Parenting

Play Board Games

Get the whole family involved with board games on a rainy day! You can play Monopoly, Connect 4, Battleship, Operation, and more! Board Games require strategizing, which forces your kids to think outside the box and use their problem-solving skills! Board games also help make the time pass quickly and introduce a little healthy family competition!

Kids' Forts - This is without a doubt how to build the best one

Build a Fort on a Rainy Day

Ah, building a fort. The good old days. Remember when you used to build forts because there wasn’t much else to do as a kid? Nostalgia strikes again, reminding us that building a fort is always a good idea, no matter the decade. Your kids can read, play pretend, or color inside the fort, keeping them busy for HOURS! If you want, you can hop in the fort with your kids and watch a movie or play with them!

Play Hide and Seek | The Ultimate List of Indoor Activities to Keep Kids  Entertained For Hours | POPSUGAR Family Photo 50

Play Indoor Games

Indoor games, such as hide-and-seek, tag, Simon Says, and charades, engage your kids’ minds and get the whole family involved. We love playing active games with our kids because we get a little exercise as well! Plus, your kids will expel some pent-up energy they’ve been holding in all day!

Making More Time for Imaginary Play |… | PBS KIDS for Parents

Play Pretend

Playing pretend gets your kids’ imaginations flowing. It helps them learn storytelling and create relatable characters. Let your kids either play pretend by themselves or with you to pass the time and hone their creativity!


Make the most out of a gloomy day with these rainy day activities for kids! You may find yourself enjoying gloomy days more when you have fun activities to keep you and the kids busy!

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