9 Reasons To Use A Clothesline

9 Reasons to Use a Clothesline (and the best options)

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There are numerous benefits to using a clothesline to dry your clothes. Let’s dig into 9 reasons to consider using a clothesline and check out some of the best options out there — from DIY clotheslines to portable racks.

Clothes on a clothesline.

9 reasons to use a clothesline

Here are some of the top reasons why you should think about using a clothesline.

Your clothes will last longer

Dryers tend to cause a lot of wear and tear on your clothes. If you’ve ever emptied the lint after a large load of laundry, you’ve seen firsthand how electric dryers can wear down your fabrics. With a clothesline, clothes don’t wear out as fast. Extending the life of your clothes is a great way to save money!

Your clothes won’t shrink

Electric dryers also have a tendency of causing clothes to shrink. This is because the mixture of hot temperatures and rotation cause fabrics to constrict. When you use a clothesline, you don’t have to worry about your garments quickly becoming too small.

Using a clothesline saves energy and electricity

When summer’s in full swing and the air conditioning seems to run non-stop, most of us are racking our brains trying to figure out how to reduce that mounting electric bill. Reducing dryer use is an effective way to completely eliminate this portion of your electric bill.

They’re budget friendly

Clothesline are fairly inexpensive to make or buy, and because they can significantly reduce your electricity use, they’re great for your budget!

Clotheslines get you outside

Walking out to your clothesline is a great way to get a little bit of exercise as well as some time in the sun. Bring your laundry basket out with you and fold your clothes right off the line for some extra sunshine!

Sunlight naturally brightens whites

Hanging wet or damp whites in the sunlight is an extremely effective, natural way to brighten them, and it can even remove stains from whites. Just be careful about putting darker-colored clothes in direct sunlight, as the sun can cause colors to fade.

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant

Not only does sunlight brighten your whites, but it’s also great at disinfecting. If you’re going to hang your clothes in the direct sunlight, you can say goodbye to germs and bacteria at the same time!

Using a clothesline extends the life of your dryer

Sometimes, using a clothesline isn’t the most practical, such as in the dead of winter (though there are some great indoor options in these cases!). Since the dryer will probably be sticking around for as-needed use, why not extend its life by using a clothesline whenever possible? Replacing a dryer isn’t easy (or cheap), so help yours live as long as possible!

Clotheslines are environmentally friendly

Reducing your electricity use by avoiding the dryer whenever possible is not only great for your pocketbook, but it’s also good for the environment.

Tips for setting up your clothesline

Before you get started on building or buying your own clothesline, you’ll want to check on a couple of things.

Firstly, if you’re in town, check with your HOA or city ordinances to make sure that clotheslines are allowed in your area. If they’re not, consider creating an indoor clothesline instead.

If there are no problems with an outdoor clothesline in your area, go outside and look for a clear, grassy space for your clothesline. For a standard clothesline, keep in mind that an average load of laundry covers approximately 35′. Some clotheslines can also be set up on decks or patios (keep reading to see some great options!).

Search for a space that’s clear of shrubs, flowers, and other plants and is out of the way of where people and animals often walk. You don’t want your dog rubbing his wet back along your clean towels! You’ll also want to avoid placing your line under trees that might drip sap or where birds might be nesting.

Top clothesline options

Here are some of the most popular options to choose from, whether you want to make or buy your clothesline.

1. Standard DIY clothesline

With a few simple materials, some basic tools, and a Saturday, you can make your own clothesline that will last for years to come!

Instead of using posts, you can also attach your clothesline to a tall structure such as a tree or a house, barn, or shed roof.

2. Rotary clothesline

Rotary clotheslines are great for saving space and can often hold multiple loads at once. Install it straight into the ground or use an umbrella stand to keep it on your deck or porch.

3. Retractable clothesline

Retractable clotheslines are great for indoors or outdoors. When not in use, they’re hardly noticeable!

4. Portable drying rack

Portable drying racks are excellent for those who move often or don’t want to commit to a stationary clothesline. Use your portable drying rack indoors or outdoors.

Why should you use a clothesline?

There are so many reasons to use a clothesline!

  • Your clothes will last longer
  • Your clothes won’t shrink
  • Using a clothesline saves energy and electricity
  • They’re budget friendly
  • Clotheslines get you outside
  • Sunlight naturally brightens whites
  • Sunlight is a natural disinfectant
  • Using a clothesline extends the life of your dryer
  • Clotheslines are environmentally friendly

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