Fall Homesteading Chores To Prep for the Winter

Fall Homesteading Chores To Prep for the Winter

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Whether it’s the first leaf you see fall from the tree, a sip of apple cider, or having to reach for your favorite hoodie for the first time, everyone has that true sign that fall has arrived. For homesteaders, that sign comes with some important fall chores to prep for the winter!

Living on a homestead gives you the opportunity to enjoy many freedoms but it doesn’t come without some prep chores to make each season run more smoothly. Let’s go over a little bit about what homesteaders do and what ways you need to prepare for winter with some fall chore prep work. 

What do Homesteaders Do?

Homesteaders create a life for themselves living mostly off of the land and building a foundation of self-sufficiency. There are different levels of homesteading but the core principle that brings them all together is simplicity, using the abundance of provisions that nature gives you, and working to create a lifestyle that works with the earth instead of against it. 

Homesteaders are found in tiny apartments in the Big Apple and other urban areas. They are also found spread out on the prairies or mountains with no neighbors in sight. Either way, homesteaders are connected in their willingness to work a little bit harder for some things in life that most have outsourced for convenience and overprocessing.  

Prepare for Winter on the Homestead

Part of the steps you need to complete to prepare for winter on the homestead will depend on where your homestead is located. There are some top states that offer great opportunities for homesteading but even they vary a bit in climates and harshness of winters. 

Other factors that need to be considered include how large of a garden you have, the size and number of animals on your homestead, the type of heat you will use for the winter, and any other projects you might have going on that can take your time away from preparing for winter. 

Indoor Fall Chores for Homesteading

Let’s look around the inside of your home first. What fall chores for homesteading winter prep can you do to be as ready as possible when old man winter comes knocking at the door?

Winterizing the inside of your home

  • Seal up any holes or cracks that might have formed near doors or windows
  • Wrap up any waterlines that will be exposed to the extreme cold
  • Replace insulation if necessary in areas such as the attic

Preparing your pantry for winter on the homestead

Another chore in prepping for winter on the homestead? Take stock of your pantry. See what needs to be replenished before winter hits. Spring and summer are busy months when you are a homesteader. This makes it very easy to lose track of what you have. What a great time to get reorganized – you won’t be in a state of panic at the last minute when winter arrives!

 A few tips on preparing your pantry for winter on the homestead include:

  • Move all of your older canned/jarred goods to the front of the shelf so that you use those before the ones you just harvested
  • Put all of your veggies and similar products together. Give yourself a better inventory of what you have on hand
  • Everything in the pantry is dated and labeled

This can also be a great time to get out all of your blankets and other cold weather gear. Air them out on the line. When you bring them in, they’ll smell fresh and not as though they have been in storage for months. 

Outside Fall Chores for Homesteading

Now for outside fall chores for homesteading winter prep. This will be very dependent on the size and scope of your homestead. If you have several different types of outside animals your list is going to be a little bit longer than someone who hasn’t ventured into that part of homesteading yet. 

Let’s go over some of the more universal outside homesteading fall chores and then we can touch on the ones that will be more specific to those with animals in their care. 

Outdoor Homestead Chores

  • Rake and collect leaves. You can use them as mulch in your garden, or to build up your compost bin
  • Plant a fall garden full of hearty lettuces, beets, carrots, and other vegetables that mature quickly and can help sustain your family
  • Save any available seeds to use for new plants in the spring
  • Harvest any fall crops such as apples, corn, tomatoes, summer squash. Really anything that grew in your spring garden or orchard!
  • Cut enough wood to use to heat your home all winter. It burns more efficiently when it has time to dry after cutting.
  • All summer tools need to be clean and wiped down to prevent rust or cracking

Outside animals on your homestead will come with a more extensive list of chores to be complete. Many homesteaders choose to add different kinds of animals to their farms if space and sufficiency are available. They not only bring a source of protein if you choose to harvest them but they can also provide companionship and resources the homestead needs such as eggs, milk, wool, and fertilizer through their wastes. 

If you have animals on your homestead you will need to go through their homes just as you did theirs. Make sure there are no leaks that will let cold in. Prepare enough hay and grain to sustain them through the winter months. And make sure they have a warm place to lie down at night. Try to find a way to keep their water source unfrozen, or you will be breaking the ice all winter long.

Fall on the homestead

Fall is a very busy time on the homestead as you prepare all around for the upcoming winter. What are you doing on your homestead this fall to prepare for the upcoming winter? We would love to hear your story! 

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