Howdy! And welcome to Living Bitet Sized, a new venture for us that reflects a dream come true! Since we got married in June 2016, our dream has been to become landowners, grow our own food, and recover an older way of American country life. American agriculture today is often practiced on a large scale, with major capital investments necessary to make a decent living. It is true that the agribusiness operations feed not only the United States, and much of the world, but that is not what we do. We simply want to be more responsible for our everyday things, mostly because we like doing it. No, we are not Amish nor minimalists, just two people who find an older agrarian lifestyle the happiest we could imagine.

After our wedding, we rented an apartment for almost a year. During that time we decided to completely remodel an Airstream travel trailer, and to travel full time across the country for an unspecified period of time. We thought our travels would last at least a year, and that eventually we would find a place we wanted to call home. We traveled for a short, but amazingly exciting four months before we bought 20 acres of east Mississippi countryside that is now our little farm. The land came with a well-built two-story farmhouse that displays all the rustic/elegant charm we were looking for in a home. Actually, we toyed around with the idea of building a house, but now (thank God), we don’t have to. And the best thing is we paid less for our place than most people pay for a small house in a modest suburban community.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy, however. We both work online, so our income is not reliant on farming, and it is too soon to tell if it ever will be. Because we chose to diversify our sources of income early in our marriage, we are able to control our own time and use of resources. We both went to college, and both have agricultural backgrounds. And like most people who choose to homestead, we knew we had other career options. It’s our ambition to make this site a learning place for you, a place of encouragement and entertaining/informative content. In our experience, and most recently in our travels, we’ve encountered so many Americans who no longer following their dreams, and they see no reason for you to follow yours either. Our goal is to provide an alternative perspective. So stop in whenever you have the chance. Hopefully you’ll find something here that will be a blessing to you.

The Virtual Assistant Side of Things:

My name is Alexandrea Harrelson. And, in all honesty, I’m just like you. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, I decided to stick with the family business- farming. In the years following, I developed and managed our basic farm website, our intensely complex online farm & dairy supply business and our very successful homesteading blog.

After teaching myself how the online world ticks, I truly fell in love with what I was able to do in the virtual world.

Most recently, I’ve gotten married to an amazing husband and am adjusting to life as a wife! I left the farm life for married life and have now taken on a whole new adventure in building this online blog and my fast-growing Virtual Assistant business– ultimately deciding to turn my passion of online work into a business. But, it’s so much more than only that- I want you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed…and that’s why I’m also a VA Business Coach!

Anytime I take on a new client (you!), my goal is to create a partnership excelling in quality, conciseness, speed, and determination. By hiring me to work with you, you are not just hiring anyone- you are hiring a very unique me.

Let’s team up today and see what I can do for you!