11 Tips To Save Money Traveling

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Staying at campgrounds can get expensive, especially if you travel often. However, there are ways to save money at campgrounds so that you can enjoy your trip while staying within your budget. Keep reading to uncover the best tips for how to save money traveling!

Cook Your Own Food or Meal Prep

Eating pre-packaged meals while camping is expensive and not the best tasting. However, you can easily save money traveling by cooking your own food over a campfire or a grill if you already have one. In addition, you can also invest in a slow-cooker to cook your meals with minimal effort. 

Avoid Expensive Campgrounds

Let’s face it; campgrounds can get expensive, especially the fancy ones & resorts. So to save money traveling, avoid costly campgrounds. You can do this by getting a campground membership, taking advantage of overnight RV parking, using public campgrounds, boondocking, and researching affordable campgrounds. 

Campground memberships offer exclusive savings to regular campers, such as discounted stays, RV insurance, and other benefits. There are many camping memberships to choose from, each providing different benefits, so make sure you do your research before choosing one. I personally love Harvest Hosts because, honestly, you save money, meet terrific people and make AMAZING memories all at the same time.

Overnight RV parking is another great way to save money when camping. Instead of staying at a campground, you can purchase a one-night stay at an overnight RV park. However, this option is only ideal for those on a quick trip. If you plan on parking your camper for a while, it’s best to avoid this option. 

Researching affordable campgrounds before heading out on your trip is another excellent budget-friendly option for campers. If you don’t have campground insurance and don’t know where to stay on a budget, researching affordable campgrounds is the way to go. 

In addition, public campgrounds are an excellent option for saving money at campgrounds. However, you will need to purchase a permit for a fee before accessing these campsites. 

Lastly, boondocking is an off-grid camping experience that won’t break the bank. Boondocking is when you camp outside of campgrounds on public land, usually for free, but sometimes a fee is required. Boondocking is an excellent option for those who want to experience the great outdoors with no RV connections or amenities. If you want to take a walk on the wild side, this is an excellent option for you. 

Free Things To Do While Camping

Instead of paying for specific tours or activities provided by the campsite, why not do free activities? You can still enjoy your trip without spending a ton of money by doing free activities like hiking, fishing, walking trails, and biking. 

Borrow or Rent Camping Equipment

You can easily save money at campgrounds by renting equipment instead of buying it yourself. Camping gear is costly and can put a hole in your wallet quickly. Instead, try borrowing camping gear from a friend or renting it from REI-coop. If you have to buy camping gear, buy it secondhand or at a discounted rate. 

Refill Your Propane Tank Instead of Exchanging It

Many campers exchange their propane tanks when they run out. However, going to a refill center can save you tons of money, and you’ll get more bang for your buck. Exchanging your propane tank will only give you around fifteen gallons, whereas refilling it will give you around twenty gallons!

Volunteer at Campgrounds to Save Money

Many campsites offer what is known as workcamping or volunteering at the campsite in exchange for a free stay. This option works well for those who have some time to kill and don’t mind putting in a little work in exchange for a free stay. 

Camp During the Off-Season

Camping during the off-season will save you some serious dough because campsites will lower their prices during this time. You can look up when the peak season is for a specific campground and avoid camping during that time. 

Plan Ahead

Planning will save you money at campgrounds. You can plan your meals ahead of time, where to get gas, buy items in bulk, and purchase necessary appliances. For example, you can plan what meals you’re going to eat and then go shopping for those items. Similarly, you can buy items in bulk ahead of time like toiletries and food for a much lower price. In addition, you can plan to get gas in less touristy places because they will have cheaper gas than stopping in a major tourist spot. Lastly, you can purchase appliances you may need on your trips, such as a slow-cooker or a grill. 

Take Advantage of Discount Websites

Save money by taking advantage of discount sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Kayak. These sites constantly run discounts on all sorts of camping activities, so you will want to purchase these deals. 

Save Money with a National Park Pass

National Parks will sometimes offer a pass you can purchase to stay on the property for a much lower price than a private campsite. Plus, you can take advantage of the park’s activities and scenery!

Stay at the Campground Longer to Save Money

Many campsites offer discounted rates if you stay for an extended period of time. So if you’re not in a rush and don’t mind staying for longer, take it slow and save money!

What are your favorite money saving tips?

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