The Resources We’re Using To Remodel Our Airstream

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So, we’ve completely gutted our Airstream…now what?

Well, we needed to make a plan. What do we need to make her beautiful over the next 8 months? Well, what do we think we’ll need?

Here’s what we came up with, in no particular order. And, also, this is a constantly changing list- as you can imagine!

p.s. This post contains affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure here.

For the Airstream:

  • An Inverter Generator. This may not be right away since they are pretty pricey. We do have solar already hooked up to our Airstream, which is a HUGE benefit! But, an inverter generator is so much more quiet and it will allow us to enjoy boondocking a whole lot more without all the noise interrupting nature!
  • Propane Heater. We had to take the original heater out, so that will need to be replaced. We don’t want to be cold!
  • Refrigerator. We don’t want anything too big and bulky, but it needs to be able to hold enough for a few days. We’re thinking something like this. (do you have a recommendation for a good fridge?)
  • Galvanized Buckets. We want to do a farmhouse theme throughout and plan on using something like this for the shower and this for the sinks!
  • Convection Oven. I think we’ve decided to put a propane range back in, but we will be adding a convection oven to get any baking done! Stay tuned for how that works out!
  • Water Pump. The original was bad and needed to be replaced– we’ll definitely need a new one!
  • PEX Plumbing. We need all new plumbing lines and we’re going to go with this since it’s flexible and easy to work with.
  • Cabinet Lumber & Countertops. Like I said, we’re going with a farmhouse look. So, we’re going to need wood and metal to make that happen!
  • AGM Batteries. We need new batteries to go along with our solar panels. And, we want good ones.
  • New Tires. People say to replace trailer tires every 2-4 years to avoid a blowout and/or any damage to the Airstream, which we definitely don’t want!
  • A polishing kit from Vintage Trailer SupplyShe’s gonna shine really nice by the time we’re done with her!
  • New LightsThe original ones are cracking, so they need to be updated!
  • Signal Booster…we both work from home, so we need good internet!
  • Voltmeter. Knowing where your batteries stand is VERY important!
  • And like anything on this page…

Vintage Trailer Supply

For the Truck:

  • K&N Filter. We really need a better air filter so the engine will run smoother when pulling the Airstream. So, we’re going to go with one from K&N!
  • Tow MirrorsThese are an absolute must if you’re going to tow, well, anything really! The mirrors on the truck don’t allow us to have a good view of what we’re pulling, so we’ll be upgrading to these.

So, I think that’s it for now– but the list continues to grow! In 8 months, you’ll get to see the finalized list of everything we added along the way so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!


Guaranteed To Increase Horsepower


And…we most definitely will be using Good Sam for roadside assistance!!

Good Sam Roadside Assistance


Have you remodeled an Airstream? What products/resources did you use?


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  1. We are on Airstream number 2.

    Did you take pictures of every step of the gutting? Same when you start to rebuild. Hope you saved every things, since you will need things for a pattern and some items are unattainable. You throw away when you are done.

    Have you thought of a composting toilet? (See Gone with the Wynns, Technomads and other blogs)

    What about solar? (See Wynns and Technomads) Think in terms of what can run on it and what can’t.

    Air Forums and VAL are good place for info. Vintage Airstream Podcast has been on the air or 10 years and is a must in my mind. Past programs are on a cd, that you can buy. There is a website too.

    Start a picture file on Pinterest or a folder in your photo app of things you like and don’t like. It doesn’t matter if the trailer is an Airstream or not.

    1. Hey, Nancy! How awesome!

      To answer your questions, yes we took pictures! But, our floor scheme will be different– we are completely rebuilding. Check out this picture-tour from our initial gut…we did tear out a few more things after this, though.

      We are getting a composting toilet before we hit the road– we don’t want to use the black tank.

      And…our Airstream already has solar- so yay!!!

      We have tons of pins on pinterest…you should follow us!

      Would love to see pics of yours!

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