A Tour Of Our Gutted Airstream

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We’re remodeling our Airstream.

First step: time to take out everything! We’ve spent the last few weeks gutting the whole thing. We’ve taken out the seating, the cabinets, the appliances- even the shower! What’s left is, well, not much. We will be rebuilding everything from scratch and our goal is to be finished in the next 8 months. We will be posting loads of photos, videos and information all about what’s happening right here on Living Bite Sized!

Now, onto the photos:


An Outside View of Our 34 foot Airstream.




This gives a great example of what the inside looks like now! This is looking towards the front of the caddy.


The bathroom…well, what’s left of it. We’ve taken out the shower and all the walls but the one in the back towards the bedroom. We’re going to rebuild these..and we have some awesome ideas to do so!


The pipe here is what goes (or went) to the shower (see the shower nozzle?). You can see some mold on the wall, which is where the refrigerator was. 


Here’s another look at what we’re dealing with when it comes to rebuilding the shower! 


The pipe for the kitchen sink. We are planning to move the sink to the other side so that the bathroom & kitchen plumbing are all on one side!


This is the vent for the grey water tank. This was a pipe going straight into the ceiling. We’re going to reroute this pipe.


And…this is what it all looked like after we got everything out! (the pile was about double this size…but we got rid of some of it before I took this picture!)

So, there you have it. Our gutted Airstream. We definitely have our work cut out for us, but we are SO excited to start this journey and even more excited we can share it with you!

p.s. Want to check out what we’ll be using in our remodel? Click here!



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  • Jessica Meinhofer

    Wow that is a lot of work! The wonderful thing about Airstreams though, they look amazing no matter what shape they are in. The dream for us is to get our very own vintage Airstream and completely rebuild it!! Thanks for sharing!!

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