How We Make Money On The Road (and how we stay connected)

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It’s the most common question . . . “so, how do you guys make money?”

We’ve gotten every response under the sun, from “oh you must have inherited money” to “you are just bums”. Well, I’m here to tell you how neither one of those things are true! We both work hard. Being connected to the internet is a must at almost all times, which does sometimes spoil the times when we really just want to go somewhere beautiful and be disconnected for a week. But, alas, we must work. 

*this post may contain affiliate links

I have my own Digital Marketing business. You’re probably asking, “what in the world is that?” In a nutshell, I’m an assistant to bloggers & website owners, creating websites, designing graphics, responding to emails, and managing social media on a day to day basis. I started this as a side-hustle in 2016 and it has grown to be a fairly successful business in just a year. I also provide Virtual Assistant Business Coaching & have a course, “Virtual Assistant Jumpstart: How I Went From $0 to $3000 in Three Months” for anyone looking to get into the business. (If you want to travel, work from home, have a flexible schedule and are good with computers, this is for you!)

Alan is a professor of history and teaches online courses. Again, as long as we have internet, we’re good!

But, then comes the next round of questions and comments . . . “how do you stay connected?”, “campground wi-fi is the worst!”, “do you just spend all day at McDonald’s”?

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This is really going to depend on where you are located, but we have had tremendous success so far. Here’s what our setup looks like:

-1 Verizon iPhone with Hotspot*

-1 Verizon iPad with Hotspot*

-1 Cricket Wireless (AT&T) iPhone with Hotspot

-Free wi-fi when we can get it, with this to keep our internet connection secure

*both Verizon devices are on the unlimited plan and we have yet to see our data tethered, although they do tell you they do. 3G speeds work totally fine, too (coming from a website designer!)

Now, it’s not the cheapest setup in the world, BUT it works for us. Since I have my own business, I can write off some of these expenses on taxes as business expenses, so that helps.

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Our day-to-day life is not us running around doing everything under the sun. We do have to abide by business hours for our clients and we have to be available most of the time. While our jobs are very, very flexible (we can work in the dead of night if we need to), we do still have to be weary of those hours.

On the other hand, we have the freedom to go wherever, whenever we want and that is truly priceless. We are planning a spur-of-the-moment trip to Yellowstone in September and we don’t have to ask for vacation days or get anybody’s approval- we simply do it. Talk about a blessing!

So, whenever someone asks how we do it, how we stay connected and how we make money on the road, I have to answer with this: We work, and we work hard. But, we also play hard!


P.S. We have a group on Facebook dedicated to helping full-time bloggers & business owners run & maintain a business on the road. Join here!


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