Benefits of Involving Kids on the Homestead

Benefits of Involving Kids on the Homestead

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Wondering if the homesteading life is really the best life for your kids? There’s no doubt about it, homesteading is a lot of work. But the benefits of involving kids on the homestead are immeasurable. Let’s look at just a few!

Benefits of involving kids on the homestead

While many people are eager to embrace the homesteading lifestyle, they also wonder if it will be good for the kids.

It’s certainly true that kids who grow up in homesteading experience a vastly different childhood than those who don’t.

We love watching our kids grow up this way, and we’re convinced that it’s so good for them, too. Homesteading is a privilege, and there’s so much to gain from bringing your kids along!

Here are just a few reasons why raising and involving kids on the homestead is beneficial.

1. They’ll gain life skills

Growing up on a homestead means a lifestyle of learning. The skills that kids learn during these formative years will be put to use for decades to come.

Whether caring for animals, fixing fencing, growing food, preserving, cooking from scratch, chopping wood, or sewing, homesteading offers an endless number of skills to be learned.

When your kids are adults and find that the store has run out of bread, they’ll know how to bake their own.

When a favorite pair of jeans rips, they’ll be able to repair them.

If seeds are scarce or simply expensive, your kids will remember how to harvest and store seeds for next spring.

2. Their health will benefit

The homesteading lifestyle usually means lots of fresh air, nutritious foods, and plenty of hard work.

While there’s certainly opportunity for fun and games, life on a homestead doesn’t offer a lot of hours for sitting around watching tv, scrolling social media, or playing video games.

Kids who spend a majority of their time playing outside, working together around the home and property, and eating home-cooked meals and garden-fresh produce are bound to have health benefits that kids growing up in the city won’t experience.

3. Homesteading teaches common sense

Common sense means making logical, sensible decisions. It seems simple, but it doesn’t always come naturally.

Growing up on a homestead, kids learn how life works in a straightforward way.

They learn where their food comes from.

They learn about the circle of life. On the farm, they’ll see animals born and animals die.

They’ll see that hard work brings reward.

They’ll develop basic skills that aren’t so common anymore.

Homesteading offers a plethora of experiences and opportunities for kids to see the consequences of their actions right away.

4. They’ll learn the meaning and rewards of hard work

Many young people today are shielded from hard work. Perhaps the adults in their life don’t think that they’re ready to take on the responsibility or think that it will harm them in the future.

Of course, kids should have plenty of time to play.

But, as part of the family on the homestead, they’ll also learn to work.

When there’s so much to do, everyone has to share the load. Whether the children are caring for the animals, helping to carry firewood, planting the garden beside parents, or assisting in the kitchen, they not only learn life skills, but also the value of work.

They understand that there’s nothing like seeing a job finished and knowing that you did that.

Working hard also teaches kids that they’re a part of the team and are needed. In addition, it shows them that they can do hard things – a skill that they’ll benefit from for years to come!

As the years go by, life doesn’t usually get easier. In most cases, it demands more work and perseverance. Teaching kids from a young age that work is an integral, necessary, and rewarding part of life will prepare them well for their adult years.

5. They’ll develop creativity

When the work is done, homestead kids learn to play. In the country, there are acres and acres of playground before you!

Generally, homestead kids spend less time watching tv, playing on screens, or going to the movies, and more time just playing. There are woods to explore, hay lofts to imagine in, trees to climb, holes to dig, and frogs to catch.

There’s always something new to explore, make, or learn. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity!

Tips for how to involve kids on the homestead

Homesteading with kids isn’t always straightforward. It can be tricky and can take some creativity and effort to figure out how to bring your kids along as you live a lifestyle that’s different from many.

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about homesteading is simply to let them join you in your daily work and show them that you are excited yourself. Let them see the joy and reward of completing your own tasks.

If they’re small, carry them. For babies, find a quality backpack, wrap, or sling and bring them with you as you do chores.

When they’re a little older, start giving them age-appropriate chores. Even one-year-olds can help with very simple jobs, such as dumping grain or putting away socks. Then, as they grow, continue giving them jobs that fit their age. They’ll learn that they’re a necessary part of the team and that work can be fun!

Remember these benefits of involving kids on the homestead!

  1. They’ll gain life skills
  2. Their health will benefit
  3. Homesteading teaches common sense
  4. They’ll learn the meaning and rewards of hard work
  5. They’ll develop creativity

When you’re doubting whether or not homesteading is really the best lifestyle for your kids, remember these amazing benefits! Homesteading is a privilege, and your children will grow up with incredible skills and memories that will benefit them for years to come.

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