Why is Homesteading Becoming So Popular

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Why is homesteading becoming so popular? People are beginning to crave a simpler way of life. A way where they are no longer so dependent on a system that tends to skimp on quality to gain in profits. An environment where their kids can think and do for themselves. A new life with a smaller carbon footprint and a larger sense of adventure.

Some of the earliest homesteading stories come from the Homestead Act of 1862, which was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln that gave US citizens and their family members the opportunity to get public lands at a very low price if they would agree to stay and build homesteads for at least 5 years. Throughout time homesteading has seen some ebbs and flows of popularity, with it seeing a large peak in the last year.

If when you think of the homestead lifestyle, you only picture a log cabin with no water or electricity way out in the boonies, it’s time to think again! (although if that’s your dream, you do you, boo!) There are so many different ways to implement homesteading into your life, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it! 


Modern Homesteading Movement

The modern homesteading movement gives space to all of us who want to simply regain some basic life skills that have been lost in the current space of technology and the ability to have everything right at your fingertips all the time! 

Some of the skills modern homesteaders are trying to add back into their lifestyle include

  • Building things with your hands
  • Thinking about the environmental impact of your purchases and lifestyle in general
  • Growing your own nutritious food
  • Cooking meals together with your homegrown ingredients
  • Self-sufficiency and being less dependent on corporate America
  • Learning new skills and not just having projects completed for you
  • Clean Water
  • Solar Power

How to Transition to Homesteading

Let’s be honest when we say that homesteading isn’t always going to be some picture-perfect happy family-building core memories every second of the day. In fact, homesteading, at its core, is hard work and can be a very daunting task if you try and do everything at once! You are doing more and building systems from the ground up. 

This hard work, however, will bring with it a lot of rewards if you can stick with it! There’s nothing quite like starting your own homestead and watching it flourish! 

If you need to build up your confidence in your ability to homestead, simply start with a small garden. You’ll be amazed at how watching that first plant go from a tiny seed to a flourishing plant will have you wanting to grow and build more! You could also try visiting your local farmers markets. Talking with different people who have successfully grown their own produce or raised their own meat can be a great way to learn more about the processes.

Getting Your Family Involved on the Homestead

A large portion of the population that is making homesteading so popular are families. With many kids currently growing up in a world of smartphones, instant gratification, and YouTube influencers, parents are seeing a very large disconnect from the days of playing outside, building mudpies, and exploring nature. 

One of the great parts about homesteading is that there is a job and place for everyone in the family. In fact, getting your kids involved on the homestead is one of the main reasons families want to build a homesteading lifestyle! It can teach them the basic skills they will need when they live on their own, including growing their own food, learning how to fix equipment and things around the homestead, and simply being able to go outside and get fresh air when needed. 

Types of Homesteading

The great part of homesteading is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all package. You can live in downtown New York City and still run your own apartment homestead. It’s really more about being aware of the products you’re consuming and finding ways to be more self-sufficient. 

If you want to expand your homesteading adventure and purchase a few acres of land, you will only increase the different things you can do! Small farms allow you to add animals and other aspects of homesteading that you might not be able to do in the apartment. 

A great thing to remember is that no matter the size or scope of your homestead, the core values will remain the same. Work on building self-sufficiency, find simpler ways to enjoy the little moments in life, be more intentional with your lifestyle as well as the items that you purchase, and always be ready to learn new things!  

Why the Homesteading Lifestyle is Becoming So Popular

Homesteading seems to have peaks and valleys when it comes to popularity, but it has proven to be a high-quality way of life for a very long time. What is happening now, that is bringing it back to the forefront of people’s minds?

Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Being a homesteader means that you are working on the shift from being someone who consumes products made by other people to a creator of things that you need. Whether that be learning to grow your own food, make your own clothes, or build your own home. Being self-sufficient can take away a lot of anxiety and frustration by giving you a larger sense of control over the things around you. 

Food Security

Everyone has to eat. Homesteading not only helps you see where your food comes from but also gives you at least a bit of food security when you can’t find what your family needs at the store. 

With so many fun ways to create your own food with homesteading, including a garden in your kitchen and growing an herb crop in your sunroom, this aspect of homesteading can truly be done anywhere! Not only can this help with food security for yourself and your family, but it can be a fun way to learn about different types of food and how it gets from a seed to the table! 

The shutdowns of 2020 caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the supply chain shortages and empty shelves at the grocery store that followed left many people wanting to find a better way to provide for themselves. Homesteading might not be able to relieve this fear completely, but it can give families a way to at least provide the basics for themselves to survive.

So whether you are living in a city apartment, a suburban home where you can still see the outline of skyscrapers, or are surrounded by nothing but rural land, the concept of homesteading can become a part of your lifestyle and family tree. You just have to take the first step and see where all it takes you!

Have you started your homesteading journey? Do you have a large garden and are wondering what your next step should be? Are you tired of how the modern world pushes you from all sides and just want to slow down and live a simpler life? What have you found to be the best way of making the transition easier?

We always look forward to hearing from our readers! We all have different reasons why we want to learn more about homesteading!

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