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    Winter On The Farm: A Time For Reflection And Planning

    It’s been over three months since we moved onto our new farm, and the ideas about what we want to do with the place just keep on coming. The greatest challenge so far has been to slow down and truly evaluate how we want the place to look and function. We’re not new to agriculture by any means, but we are new to the work required to build a new farm from a blank slate. Each farm is different, and when it comes to planning, there is really no perfect plan that works for everybody, but a plan of some sort IS necessary. So far, we have asked three questions…

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    In The Beginning, God

    For those who may not have figured it out yet, Alexandrea and I are unashamedly convinced that God, in his divine wisdom and power, brought the earth and all people into existence. Frankly, I do not see how anyone could believe anything otherwise. But, if you won’t take my word for it, and you won’t take God’s word for it, a visit to Ken Ham’s ARK ENCOUNTER and the CREATION MUSUEM might very well convince you that you should. Answers In Genesis ministries owns and operates this massively important experience. If you are a Christ follower, then a visit to these attractions will show you the crucial importance of the Book…

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    The Joys Of Airstream Living

    Full-time travel comes with many questions from the naysayers. How are you going to make a living? Why are you going to leave your home for an extended period of time? What will people think of you? Aren’t you going to be a hippy? Fortunately, most people have never developed a sophisticated understanding of what full-time RV travel actually means. It means something different for each person who does it. There is no simple explanation as to why people decide to do this. It’s different for everybody. But I wanted to take a few moments to explain why we find traveling in the Airstream to be so fascinating and fun.…

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    Full-Time Airstream Living: The First Days

    Alex and I made the plunge, like, 5 days ago. Now, I know many bloggers write first impression posts, including lots of negative ideas about things they didn’t expect. And though we too have experienced our own challenges over the past several days, let me assure you of something, dear reader: the benefits ALWAYS outweigh the shortcomings. Each choice a person makes comes with its ups and downs. Our decision to live in an Airstream is certainly no exception. So let me share with you some things that we have gone through since we left South Carolina almost a week ago.

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    So…You Think You Can’t Fulltime?

      Taking the plunge to live fulltime in an Airstream is, shall we say, a big decision. But it can be done! Have you been thinking about it, but just can’t find the perfect moment to actually make it happen? Guess what: there is no perfect moment. If you wait for that, your dreams of fulltime travel will never happen. Most people who make fulltime travel their lifestyle didn’t have that perfect moment either. So let’s address some typical concerns:

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    What is Transformational Travel? A Christian’s Perspective.

    I recently ran across an article that Airstream posted in their social media outlets. It was about something called “transformational travel,” a new term to me, but one that makes a lot of sense. According to my reading, this type of travel happens when thoughtful persons go from place to place in an attempt to better understand who they are, get new perspectives on life, and gain far more than a cool experience. These people are looking to renew the soul, to create for themselves a renaissance of culture.

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    The Ups and Downs of an Airstream Remodel

    Remodeling an Airstream is full of many struggles and, hopefully, long-lasting rewards. While away from home one day last fall, I sent Alex a text with a simple, spur of the moment idea, “What do you think about living and traveling in the Airstream?” She responded in the affirmative. Immediately we began prepping for a full remodel. Within a couple weeks we had gutted everything from the Airstream interior and began thinking about where we would travel to first. We set a June departure date (and we are still on track to meet that goal!)

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    Smoky Mountain Memories

    The mountains are on fire. I woke up this morning to terrible news reports of the Smoky Mountain communities of Gatlinburg, Wears Valley, and Pigeon Forge ablaze. Like many others, it broke my heart to see the area in flames. The Smokies have become a second home for many in the rural South, including my family. It’s a place of hollowed memories, not only for the Cherokee and those born in the area, but for the many who have grown to love the mountains over the course of several generations of visits. Going to the mountains always feels like coming home. It’s a safe place, the best of old-fashioned living…

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    Minimalism? A Brief Criticism of a Modern Fad

    Alex and I have been attracting the attention of a lot of “minimalist” people, and that’s ok. But I wanted to share with you faithful readers why our page name “Living Bite Sized” is not about minimalism. Plus, I want to introduce a thought I may explore more in depth in a later post: I want to introduce the idea that minimalism is little more than a modern fad incapable of making long-term impacts on our culture. Although I admire those who are finally able to see what I’ve known since I was, like, 15… materialism is not good. People who buy things just to buy things, or to show…