7 Ways to Save Money Every Single Day

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Are you looking for a few simple ways to save money every single day? Who wouldn’t like a bit more cash in their pocket and bank account during this time? Instead of stressing out about how to start living more frugal, check out some of these simple money-saving tips below! 

If there is one thing that many people wish they could do differently, it’s saving money! It is all too easy to spend money on silly things, that often seem great at the time. But, as time goes on and whatever you bough gets pushed to the back of the closet, you soon realize the importance of saving money (and not buying those silly things, to begin with).

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7 Ways to Save Money Every Single Day

Well, if you are looking for EASY ways to save money, you are in the right place! I’m all about finding ways to cut costs without feeling as though I’m missing out. I’ve found throughout my years that there are a few simple ways that you can easily save money daily with little to no effort at all!

Here are seven ways to save money, every single day.

1- Carry and Use Cash

Let’s be honest- pulling out a debit or credit card is way too easy. If you really want to save money, ditch the plastic and start carrying cash. You’ll keep less money on you in paper form and thus spend less! You can also physically SEE the money disappearing, which makes you really think about each purchase a little bit more.

The sooner that you start carrying cash, the sooner that you’re going to realize that spending cash is a trigger point that you’re not going to like. 

2- Eat Leftovers

Tons of people are turned off by the thought of leftovers, but why throw out perfectly good food just because you made a little too much the night before? If you really do not want the same meal twice in a row, simply spice up your leftovers and put your taco meat on a bed of nachos, instead of a tortilla.

If you can get 2-3 meals out of leftovers, it’s a great way to save money! 

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3- Turn Off and Unplug Electronics

While you may not notice the savings until your electric bill comes, you can save money each day simply by turning off the lights when you leave the room. You can also save money by unplugging your phone charger, and other electronics that are still pulling a draw, even when not in use.

And even though it might be a small amount, every little bit helps. It really does all start to add up and you’ll notice the savings over time. 

4- Wait for a Full Load

Hold off on that dreaded task of laundry until you have a full load of soiled clothes. Not only will you be able to save a little on your utilities, but you also will not save on costly laundry detergent.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run the dishwasher without it being full. Now I know to wait and it has helped out so much. 

5- Meal Plan

Meal planning is a great way to make sure that you know what kind of groceries to have on hand each week. This prevents you from ordering takeout or pizza when you don’t know what to have, or don’t have all of the right ingredients.

I like to use the sale ads from the Sunday paper to sit down and make out my list. You can literally plan out your entire week of meals with hardly any effort that way. 

6- Ditch the Gym Membership

Stop spending money at the gym when you can enjoy a variety of free workouts in your very own home. Watch some YouTube videos or rent an exercise DVD from the library, for free!

Don’t forget about just stepping out your front door and using Mother Nature as your gym, too. Walking and hiking on trails or biking is a great exercise! 

7- Make Your Own Coffee

Can’t start your day without a cup of morning coffee? No problem! Simply make your own at home. It may not taste quite as good as that tall white chocolate mocha from the coffee shop down the road, but you can create your own concoctions for a fraction of the cost at home.

When the price for a cup of coffee is $4, the savings for making your own coffee at home really doesn’t take long to add up at all. 

In the end, remember all of the small things truly add up. Start small and see how quickly you notice the difference. And depending on your daily habits, you’ll start to notice other ways that you can save money, too! 

How do you try and save money every single day?

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