Every day, I get tons of emails and messages of people wanting to know how I’ve built such a successful business, how I went from making nothing (and having only a Bachelors degree in sociology) to building a hugely successful business in just a year. People want to know how, at 24, I was able to overcome the obstacles and make myself known. How I was able to find clients and work, and how I was able to turn a side hustle into a full-time job (and then some) in less than 3 months.

I love helping people and I love sharing everything I know. Ask anybody- I’m a talker! I could go on and on all day. Unfortunately, I do have to run a business and I can’t chat all day. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t help!

For a limited time, I am offering exclusive, one-on-one business coaching. My prayer is that I can help you become just as successful as I have been by handing you all the right tools that you need.

Because I know that everyone has different budgets and different needs, I’ve broken it down into 3 packages.

In ALL of these packages, we cover how to get started, how to find clients (and how to keep them), how to price your services, what your website should look like, invoicing, how to make word-of-mouth work for you and more! I will also send out a questionnaire before we ever chat so I can meet your needs perfectly. 

OH..and by the way- this isn’t going to be over-complicated, filled with terms and language you don’t understand. Nobody’s got time for that! I plan on giving you exactly what you need in plain, easy to understand language!

I hired Alexandrea to create a graphic for me one day long ago, and since then she has become a mentor to me.  I have learned everything from simple graphics to social media management to HTML coding for WordPress and so much more from her.  She has never turned away a question, and has gone as far as creating videos for me to show how to accomplish my goal. She shares with my me celebrations and critiques my failed attempts constructively to turn them into HUGE wins.  I have gone from 1 client to 9 residual clients (and growing) in under a year.  Alexandrea is amazing and knows what she is doing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to break into the Virtual Assistant world.

-Marissa Zurfluh, Virtual Blogging Tools

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Here’s what you get:

✔️One monthly (or one time) one-on-one video chat where you can totally pick my brain. Ask me anything- I’m totally open! I believe the best way to learn is to ask questions- a lot of them. That’s exactly what this program does. Come prepared with notes because there will be a ton of info! Don’t worry, I’ll be asking a ton of my own questions and keeping us perfectly organized so you get the most out of the session! Up to 90 minutes.

✔️30 days of email support to ask any questions you might have or come across!

✔️Monthly or one-time fee of $147.

✔️Everything in package 1, but make those bi-weekly chats (two per month).

✔️To-Do lists sent to you each week to jumpstart your business. I’ll make sure you’re getting your stuff done!

✔️Access to me at all times for any questions you might have (via email or messages- business hours). As long as you are an active coaching client.

✔️Learn how to master the marketing and basics of services for 2 skills* of your choice. This is what we’ll focus on when finding new clients. Want to offer graphics? I’ll give you the tools you need to create and market amazing graphics & services! This will include one 90-minute video chat lesson per skill.

✔️Monthly fee of $315 or one-time fee of $875 for 3 months.

✔️WEEKLY brain-pickin’ chats.

✔️Everything in package 2 PLUS mastering of up to 4 skills*.

✔️Access to me via phone, text, email at all times to help you with anything! As long as you are an active coaching client.

✔️Get FREE ACCESS to ALL future classes, printables, webinars and products!

✔️Monthly fee of $457 or one-time fee of $2175 for 6 months.

(this may sound like a lot, but I promise it’s worth it- what you will learn in this package (and the bonuses alone) will help you be an amazing business owner and get you on all the right steps.)

*Skills include:

-Social media graphics

-Facebook management

-Pinterest management

-Email marketing

-Twitter management

-E-book design/editing

-Printable designing

-Basic WordPress skills

-Advanced WordPress skills (includes lessons on basic coding)

Need help with a different skill? Just ask- these are just the most popular and the list grows each day! 

Please note that, due to popularity, there are limited spots available for coaching. Just contact me to check my availability!

If you have questions or are ready to get started, contact me today here!…and don’t forget to join our free (for everyone!) Facebook group!