Setting Up Structure For Those Carefree Summer Days

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Everyone loves summer. Having the option to relax a bit more, spend some time having fun in the sun or just lounging poolside seem like a great way to really have a truly carefree summer day. While summertime offers some definite perks in being able to let our hair down a bit and dip our toes in the water a little more, it also doesn’t mean that we should put all of our daily responsibilities on hold, either. The beauty of summer is being able to find that balancing act between the real-world and having some structure, while still enjoying and utilizing your summer days to the fullest extent possible. The good news? It’s entirely possible to set up a bit of structure for those carefree summer days! And while there is no “bad” news to go along with it, it will take a bit of planning ahead to keep you on track throughout those tempting summer days!

Simple Ways to Set up Structure for those Carefree Summer Days

  • Plan out your days in advance. Summer planning can have a bit more flexibility than other times of the year, but it is still important to make certain that you start out each and every day with a goal and a plan in mind. Carefree summer days are awesome, but if you never have a plan, then pretty soon those carefree days turn into day after day of just searching for something to do, which in it’s itself can be quite wasteful. While your plans don’t need to be set in stone, having a structure for your day of what you need to do, what you have to do, and what you want to do is important!
  • Start and end each day with a prayer. Sometimes, setting up a structure and understanding your plan for the next day can be overwhelming. Don’t carry that burden and feeling of anxiety on your shoulder’s alone! Take a deep breath, and know that you can rely on your faith and your relationship with God to help get you through some of those tougher times. While every day may not be perfect or end up exactly as you imagined it would, remember that everything happens for a reason and there is always a “greater” plan and reason as to why. Use that thought process and belief to help you set up some structure for your carefree summer days and you may feel more relaxed almost instantly.
  • Filter in some things that you love to do throughout your day. Giving yourself guidelines, goals and structures may not always be full of activities or things that you find fun and exciting. The truth is, some days are full of different up and downs and paths and outcomes can change. If you allow yourself to understand and know that each and every day will include something that you love or makes you happy, it’s a great way to help you find structure throughout the remainder of your day. Simply taking a walk, reading, doing some online shopping, or just playing in the great outdoors with your pup are all great activities and stress relievers to help you stay on course!
  • Reflect and give thanks. While it may sound odd as to how giving thanks can help set up structure, they truly do go hand in hand. At the end of the day, as you reflect about everything that you did during those daylight hours and process how fortunate and blessed you truly are, it’s the perfect way to get pumped and motivated for everything that is in store for the next day. The more times that you can be positive about what you accomplished during your summer day, the more likely you will be to stay on track with your structure as well. While your nightly reflection doesn’t have to be extensive, it is important to take the time to acknowledge everything that went well for you based on your planning and goal-setting. Give yourself the much-needed acknowledgment of completion and success of each and every day! Whether that means taking the time to sit down and read your Bible (like the CSB Study Bible for Women), or just having quiet time with God, you deserve it!

While sitting up structure may come easier for some than others, the definition of structure can honestly vary as well. Simply put, structure means to have something planned and done as a guideline for your day. It’s important to keep that in mind as to know that structure can be flexible but is always a great way to start out each and every morning!

As always, my friends, I love the fact that incorporating faith into our daily lives is also a great way to find that structure that we all need to have each and every day. This is why I’m beyond excited about this amazing giveaway that I have for you all today!

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