Must-Have’s When Traveling In An RV (From Experienced Full-Timers)

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Whether you’re thinking about hitting the road full-time or you travel only on the weekends, there are things you’ll need when you hit the road. But, with the amount of items readily accessbile to us through the internet these days, who knows where to start? To me, the best place to start is by asking others who have been there, done that. So, that’s what I did. I hopped over to some of my favorite Full-Time RV Facebook Groups (scroll down to the bottom to see a list of my favorites) and asked what everyone’s must-have items are in their RV! Make sure you check out some of their awesome websites!

Here are the answers I got- enjoy!

For The Inside:

An Air Fryer

An Instant Pot (also works as a pressure cooker!)

KitchenAid Mixer (from Suite Wheel Estate)

Dehumidifer (from Full Time Canada)

Babywipes (from Calypso The Bus and Itinerant Life)

REAL Plates and Cultery to make it a home! (from Itinerant Life)

A Travel Journal

French Press (from Pookie and the Bear)

Paper Towels


Heated Mattress Pad

Can Opener

Outside Chairs

Wine Corkscrew


RV Mat

For Business Owners:

Camera Equipment (from Inches and Miles and Gulf Coast Nomad)


For the RV:

Anderson Levelers (from Inches and Miles)

Tire Minder Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit (from Full Time Canada and Itinerant Life)

Maintenance Journal

Tools, Oils, Rope, Flairs and Cat Litter (from Traveling Karma Yogi)

For Adventuring:

Hiking Boots (from Suite Wheel Estate)



Repellant (from Gulf Coast Nomad)

A Weather Radio

And, of course:

My Dog/Cat

My Husband/Wife

Bank account with emergency money



Roadside Assistance


So, what about you? What are your MUST-HAVE items on the road? Comment below and let me know!

And make sure to check out my favorite full-time RV groups on Facebook:

Full Time Rvers

Full Time Traveling Rv’ers

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  1. safety and repair gear – torque wrench, tire compressor pump, tire pressure monitor, hydraulic jack.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! We LOVE our French Press. Once you go French Press, you don’t go back! We also make cold brew with our press and it’s so amazing. Admittedly, we’ve become coffee snobs. You can really taste the coffee flavors when you press it!

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