How To Have A Stress-Free Christmas

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This time of year, everyone starts panicking. Like, really panicking. They worry about what gifts they are going to buy their friends and family. They worry about what parties they are going to throw. They worry about if they will get the best sales. They worry….and worry some more.

Why can’t we stop worrying? Why has worrying become such a vital part of the holiday season?? It starts right before Thanksgiving and doesn’t let up again until the next year. People aren’t even enjoying themselves or their friends/family because they are worried about every little thing- things that everyone else probably isn’t even going to notice or care about.

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This year, we need to say no to stress. We need to say no to worry. Why? Because I truly believe we all need to take a step back and remind ourselves of what Christmas, and the holidays, are about anyways.

It is NOT about who gets the best gifts, or throws the best party. It’s not even about who participates in the most church events this Christmas season (gasp!) Nope, it’s about the fact that our savior, Jesus Christ, was BORN from a virgin. This is the time of year we should be celebrating and cheering …. and having not a single worry because we can lay our rest in Him and Him alone.

So, how do we do it? How do we break from the dreaded cycle society throws at us this time of year? Here are 5 simple tips to ensure a stress-free Christmas season:

1. Set a budget for gifts. Or, if you’re brave…don’t do gifts at all. Okay, sure we all love gift-giving and getting, them too. But so many times, we get carried away with what gifts we’re going to get or give that it takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. We are idolizing gifts…and that’s no good!

Adult Coloring Books: the Magical World of Christmas (christmas designs, christmas trees, stress relieving, relaxation, stress relief)Adult Coloring Books: the Magical World of Christmas (christmas designs, christmas trees, stress relieving, relaxation, stress relief)

2. Don’t get caught up in all the sales. Honestly, you can go online and get the same, or even better, deal. Don’t let the retail stores hype you up – it’s all part of the grand scheme to make quarter 4 amazing.

3. Plan your Christmas. If you are at all like me, you like to plan. Hey, even if you don’t like to plan, maybe you should try it. By planning and writing everything out, you’ll be on the fast-lane to less stress this holiday season! Looking for a great Christmas planner? Try this one from my friend Laura at Awe Filled Homemaker.

Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic WorldAnxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

4. Set aside quiet time daily. Even if you are great at this all year, the holidays have this effect on us that makes us get off track. Making sure to set aside quality quiet time daily will make a difference and brings a great refresher to your life and daily walk each day. Struggling with getting into daily quiet time (or don’t know how to start?) This guide from my friend Brittany at Equipping Godly Women will help change that!

Christmas Planner: A5 Holiday Organiser - Plan Cards, Gifts, Budget, Meals, Shopping Lists - Store Recipes, Lists, Notes & Much More - Everything you Need to Plan your Perfect ChristmasChristmas Planner: A5 Holiday Organiser – Plan Cards, Gifts, Budget, Meals, Shopping Lists – Store Recipes, Lists, Notes & Much More – Everything you Need to Plan your Perfect Christmas

5. Do less. Sure, you may be that one person that participates in every single activity in town. And that’s great! But, if you for one second feel like it’s just too much, or you’re too stressed out fitting it all into your schedule- cut back. It’s okay to say no! You need to focus on you and yours, not necessarily everyone else’s activities (but hey, activities and events are great, if you’re up for it!) 

Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath - 16 ozPhilosophy Christmas Cookie Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – 16 oz

This Christmas season, you should make a vow to stop being stressed. To stop getting caught up in all the hoopla this (mostly retail) world tries to shove down our throats. It’s simply not about all of that. And the more we realize it, the more we realize the true meaning of the Christmas season.


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