Going on the Road…From The Wife’s Perspective

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I’ve noticed something. Something really interesting. Something that I really don’t understand. For some reason, whenever one of us tells someone that we’re going full-time next year, that said person almost always starts to feel pity for me. It’s almost like they think that I have somehow been coerced into wanting to do this…like I have no say, or choice in the matter….like my husband is taking me on some wild goose chase that everyone is sure that I’m going to HATE. My husband has gotten comments like “oh, your poor wife” or “how could you do this to her?” It’s been pretty interesting to me that the majority of people think that I won’t enjoy this (or actually don’t WANT to do this) when that is the complete opposite of the truth.

Now, let me be completely frank with you. I’ve actually never been camping. Yep, that’s right…never. So, why on earth would I agree to move out of my home and start doing something I’ve never done? Well, that’s a good question, and one I should definitely answer. But, it’s not rocket-science..

First of all, it’s my duty as a Christian wife to follow my husband. Some of you may take this as coercion or say, “see, she really doesn’t want to do this..she’s just doing it because of her religion.” Not true. While it IS my duty to follow my husband, that obviously doesn’t mean I can’t express my opinions to him… I’m not a slave., after all. But, when you get married, this magical thing happens.. Your spouse’s dreams and ambitions become YOUR dreams and ambitions.

I want us to see things we’ve never seen before & find out where we really want to settle. Did you know that by going on the open road, we’ll be able to see all sorts of amazing things? We can go anywhere we want and, to have the freedom to do that, well, that’s priceless. Added bonus? We can decide where we REALLY want to settle!

We can save money. We’re millennials. So, you know what that means? Debt….Student Loans. We all seem to have them these days but, thankfully, we’ll be able to save a ton of money by going on the road and we can start paying them off! Sure, we’ll still have bills- but we’ll be able to save a whole lot more than we are now!

We can spend time together. If you’re married, you can probably relate to this. It gets really old not seeing each other for half the day. And, when you do get home after work, you’re exhausted and don’t want to do too much. With the wonderful thing called internet these days, we’ll be able to work from home (I have a VA business myself) and spend so much more time with each other simply enjoying life and each other. I think this is what I’m most excited about.

I am SO excited to go on the road with the love of my life. We’ll be able to do some really amazing things together. I’m not dumb- I know things can and WILL go wrong. But, to me, that’s not what defines my decision to “agree” to this. If it doesn’t work out, oh well- we move on and say we tried it. But, I have this awfully great feeling that it will, and that we’re going to love every single minute of it.


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