God Bless You & Good Night Book Review

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As we get ready to welcome our new little boy into the world, I’ve been working on building up the perfect library for him. This book is the PERFECT addition for that library! God Bless You and Good Night Touch and Feel Book is perfect for even the littlest of babies and it’s a wonderful way to introduce God’s blessings to our sweetest little blessing!

I love how, all throughout this book, the author works on reminding us of God’s blessings and how He is always there for us. But, at the same time, she does it in a practical way that allows our children to really understand what that means.

While the animals are getting ready for nighttime, they are learning (and rhyming!) how God has blessed them throughout the day and throughout their life. But, with the story book being a touch and feel book, children really get a chance to interact with the story and almost feel like they are there. They can feel the polar bears fur, and touch the elephant’s tough skin – all while learning about these precious blessings in life!

I can’t wait for our new bundle to arrive so I can read this book to him as we get ready for nighttime. I have no doubt that this may very well end up being one of our favorite bedtime books – and with VERY good reason!

Want to get a copy for yourself? With over 700,000 copies sold, this book proves again and again that it’s worth every dime. But, hey, you can win yourself a copy instead! Enter here.

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