Airstream Remodel: Half-Way Update

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So, I’d say we are about half-way done with the remodel…YAY! We are still sticking to our plans to be on the road full-time in June, but we also want to go on a shakedown trip in April….so, we’d like to have at least most of the stuff done before then.

The past few weekends, we have worked furiously on rebuilding our dinette and a new cabinet/desk area. While it may not LOOK like a ton of stuff has gotten done, it has….remember, we gutted the entire thing, which took a lot of time in itself. And, we can only really work on it during the weekends, which is a bit constraining for us, but we are working with it.

We are so excited to finish the remodel and for all of you who have followed along so far– THANK YOU! Make sure to sign up to our email list so you never miss an update!

Now for the pictures!

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So, first off- we put in plank flooring! We spent a LOT of time trying to figure out exactly what we wanted to do, but we finally figured it out….so….we put in PLYWOOD plank flooring!!! After lots of sanding and several coats of polyurethane, it turned out better than we could have expected. We’ll sand it (and poly it) one more time once we have everything built. If you want to see just how we did it, check out this post.

We did a little bit of lighting! We found these lights on Amazon and LOVE them. We do want to replace the bulbs so the color is a little warmer, but they are amazing. We were slightly concerned they wouldn’t go flush to the wall becuase of the curve, but they worked perfectly. (check out the lights here.)

We found these LED Puck Lights on clearance at Home Depot, then we attached them to this stained 1×4. Check out all the different kinds you can get here.

You can also see we painted the cabinets in this picture. We also added new hardware throughout the Airstream.

Alan rebuilt the nightstands….we wanted REAL wood! We still need to stain these (and do some work around the base), but they are painted!

We found this tongue and groove wood at Lowes and LOVED IT. We wanted something unique on the ceiling and this really did it. The wood is very light and thin and worked like a charm!

Alas…the dinette!! This was a big chore for us but we are proud to say it’s pretty much done! I will be making the cushions myself and we still need to put some facing on it, but we were able to get it all built and now we have TONS of storage space under the bench seats! We have an order in for a table and, when we install it, it will also be able to slide down so as to turn into a giant bed area!

P.S. Have you used a Kreg? If not, you should get one! We were able to cut the 3/4′ plywood like butter! (check it out here).

We were a little worried about how we were going to get those curves right…well, thankfully, I found an old piece of cabinet we had torn out and it was the PERFECT template! Cutting those edges took no time at all and they fit perfectly!

Now…just to finish the facing and get some cushions made!

We also built a cabinet/desk! Well, we’re not really sure what to call it, but it’s an amazing workspace/storage area.

We found these great shelf brackets at Lowes.


So, obviously we have a lot more work to do, but we have come so far already (have you seen these before pics??)

We love to look at the old pics so we can see how far we’ve come. We’re about half way done and all the super heavy lifting is pretty much behind us. We can’t wait to finish it and hit the road!

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  • Robin

    Great job, thanks for sharing! We have a similar project but can’t keep on any schedule, work/life keeps interrupting! Very few Airstream motor homes have been renovated to that rustic/modern style we’re looking to do….so excited to see your progress! What did you do with the dash? Or is it a trailer? I’m confused…nothing new! -Robin

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