About Us

This is more than a weekend road trip…we’re building our journey with meaning, purpose, and an Airstream. Here’s more about us:

The Marriage Side of Things:

Alan and Alexandrea Harrelson are newlyweds getting ready to take over the world! Okay, well it’ll be something like that! We are enjoying married life and are ready for an adventure. We like to make big decisions. We like to travel. We like to be funny. We’re pretty cool.We love our Chocolate Lab. Plus, we have an Airstream– which makes us cooler, right?

Our new puppy, Scarlett.
Our new puppy, Scarlett!

The Airstreamin’ Side of Things:

We are remodeling our 34 foot, 1994 Airstream one piece at a time! We’ve given ourselves 8 months to bring her back to looking beautiful– and that includes all new interior and shine! Throughout the next 8 months, we will be documenting our adventures right here on our blog and on our YouTube channel. And, after those 8 months are up? Well, we plan on documenting our trip around America! Make sure to follow on Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube so you can start this journey with us from the beginning!

UPDATE: We will hit the road full-time Saturday, May 27, 2017!

The Virtual Assistant Side of Things:

My name is Alexandrea Harrelson. And, in all honesty, I’m just like you. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, I decided to stick with the family business- farming. In the years following, I developed and managed our basic farm website, our intensely complex online farm & dairy supply business and our very successful homesteading blog.

After teaching myself how the online world ticks, I truly fell in love with what I was able to do in the virtual world.

Most recently, I’ve gotten married to an amazing husband and am adjusting to life as a wife! I left the farm life for married life and have now taken on a whole new adventure in building this online blog and my fast-growing Virtual Assistant business- ultimately deciding to turn my passion of online work into a business. But, it’s so much more than only that- I want you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed.

Anytime I take on a new client (you!), my goal is to create a partnership excelling in quality, conciseness, speed, and determination. By hiring me to work with you, you are not just hiring anyone- you are hiring a very unique me.

Let’s team up today and see what I can do for you!